1.   The texts published on this site are the works of "Free Press" which serve to provide real and free reporting to readers about the events and reports sent by our authors from various meridians of our planet.

2.   Further distribution of texts is allowed only for noncommercial purposes and with a clear citation of sources and authors messages, as well as Internet addresses or. link where the original is located. For example: "orbus.one" .

3.   For all other forms of distribution may be used only for noncommercial purposes and for purposes of training, you are free to download.

4.   Complete responsibility for the content of published articles rests solely with their authors, whose name clearly marked next to the content of the text. ORBUS disclaims and does not assume any responsibility for any of the text, especially for texts whose authors explicitly require to keep their original shape.

5.   The texts that vulgar insult: a religion, allegations of racial discrimination and the like, do not come to mind. Neither those texts in which a seriously threatened and there is a possibility of these threats arising undesirable consequences.

6.   The ORBUS reserves the right to all texts and concepts to them and converts Grammatically set to literary Bosnian language, unless they are specifically written in one of the following foreign languages: English, French, Dutch and German! Foreign words from the languages listed in the Bosnian text will be also translated into Bosnian.

7.   Archaisms and other foreign terms that are not compatible with the meaning of which are listed will be removed and in their place set literary Bosnian word, as well as all the words of Turkish origin who do not serve national pronunciation but are placed in other motives, or intentions.

8.   For orientation proofreading, editing and converting text, ORBUS will in future use Electronic supervisor checking, author: Ing. Salih Čavkić. Supervisor checking is supported (so far the largest) Bosnian Dictionary capacity of 567,454 controlled words, collected from various domains of the Bosnian literature, relying on the Spelling of the Bosnian language, the author Senahid Halilović. Authors who do not agree with this decision, we do not need to send their texts as they will not release.

9.   The texts that were not written with Bosnian characters: Čč Ćć Đđ , will not be released, because at the present time on all computers can be exported and write the letters and other signs demanding the Bosnian language, because we do not accept any justification.

We do not answer:
a. - letters; that are not signed by their full name.
b. - e-mail; that are not signed by their full name.

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